…::Ésta Vida Boricua::…

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During the past year and a half I’ve been involved in a project at my university which I am really passionate about. As you all know, I was originally majoring in Business yet I ended up following the track I really liked which was English. During the change to the English Department I noticed the lack of extracurricular activities or projects from which I could benefit so I actively researched different alternatives I could follow. Curiously enough, a coincidence was what introduced me to this project which I mentioned. A friend of mine decided to create a student organization for writers that allowed me to start working on this project; a project that at the time did not have a name but did have a clear objective which was to share a collection of life narratives written by hundreds. These life narratives allowed everyone to take a peek into the lives of these writers and, at the same time, the Puerto Rican community.  A year and a half later Ésta Vida Boricua is born and I could not be any prouder. Through this post I want to invite everyone to visit this website which has been an amazing experience for me to be a part of. One of my writings is also featured on the website so I hope you all can read it. I want to thank Professor Sonja Mongar for giving me the opportunity to work in such a great project and hopefully I’ll keep working with it in the future as well.

Website: http://www.estavidaboricua.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/estavidaboricua

Twitter: http://twitter.com/estavidaboricua

My piece at the project: http://estavidaboricua.com/?p=1911

…:: Music Monday: K-POP!!!! ::…

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Hi everyone! This is my first Music Monday in a while. I’ve been busy with school (I’m about to graduate! Only 6 more months and I’ll have my BA in English Literature!) and therefore have not had much time to put into my blog. Yesterday, following a huge finals related panic attack, I decided to upload a poem and I remembered how much I enjoyed blogging so I decided to give it a try again. Probably won’t be able to post much during the next week but soon I’ll be posting more if I can finally force myself to commit to it. Now I’ll go into Music Monday which is the actual purpose of the post.

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~*~ Meadow ~*~

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Go forth!
You marvelous creature,
Go forth!

You who observe the world in a cloud of passiveness,
counting the seconds till your wings start to fall.

Go forth!

For your wings shall float in an endless current of wind,
transporting your triumphing beauty along the grassy meadow.

Go forth!
My lovely butterfly,
Go forth!

For in your flight you shall find satisfaction;
and when it ends you shall find peace.

Go forth!

For in the very last moment when your wings find themselves withered,
they shall continue to float along the fallen leaves.

Go forth!
My beautiful love,
Go forth…

Found this little one on my door. 🙂

© 2012 Yamil Sárraga


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This is a story I wrote a while ago. I hope that you all like it and I hope you missed my posts as well.


In the middle of a summer afternoon I walk down the road towards the small wooden house we used to live in, which now seems to have lost the battle against time; the forest that used to surround our home now threatens to swallow it. Streams of melancholy run through my veins as I get closer, climbing steps that have not been stepped on in years. I stand on the porch for a minute, half expecting to hear your voice call my name as the chimes that hang on the balcony dance to the wind. I am aware of the familiar warmth that radiates from everything in the place as soon as I cross the wooden threshold.

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..::Just Maybe::..

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Is it that I kid myself into thinking that life is fair,
that I’ll get what I want or what I judge I deserve?
For often I find myself holding a grudge,
against money, power, love and success;
against things that makes others lives so easy
while mine seems like an endless battlefield.

Maybe that’s why I don’t deserve it.
Because I want it too much,
or just maybe,
not hard enough…

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga


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In a night of sorrow I plunge into a sea of broken wishes in the search of one that is worth rescuing. Lost in time, my only hope becomes a glimpse of a possible future yet, it is so dim that the possibilities of getting lost on my way become almost a certainty. Under a mask of stone I hide away my pain as I move into the unknown in a river stream of blood and tears.


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Once again I allow my mind to create alternate worlds, worlds in which everything that is wrong does not exist. I put my hopes in those realities in an sad attempt to make sense of everything that surrounds me, for the world that I live in no longer feels like home. I feel like an alien in a strange land, a land that seems consumed with the wish of my destruction. I may sound conceited but this is what feels true for me. That is the reason why I escape; for those magic worlds in my head are a hundred times more safer than reality.

This is a small excerpt of one of my many new projects that I’m currently working in. I’ve been trying to write a little more now that I am on vacations. Hopefully I’ll be updating this blog more frequently.