Hello Blogging World!!!!


I swear I don’t know what to post here… I guess the best course of action is to explain why I decided to start this blog. Well the main purpose of this is for me to document my years in college. As you can read in the about section of the blog, I’m a sophomore in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus (Antes, Ahora y Siempre: COLEGIO!!!!!).

Another use I plan on giving this blog is to refine my writing skills and get better in English. My first language is Spanish and consequently I’ve been having some trouble lately with my English classes, especially in the essays. I got good grades but I sure had a lot of trouble to earn them so I’m hoping that if I get used to write in English it might be more easy for me to redact some essays in the future.

And last but not least I’m here to have fun. I’ll be posting new entries about my everyday life with casual updates. Anything that might interest me will probably end up here. Hope everyone accompanies me in this journey to enter the Blogging World.

Yamil Ahmed


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