Just Vigilant or Simply Paranoid

Recently I was going through the internet searching for information about my favorite band Paramore. While searching I stumbled on an article called “Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick”: A Song about Mind Control”. My usual curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link thinking that maybe I was about to read an intelligent article about the symbolism of the video which is in my opinion one of the best Paramore has ever made. I can’t even describe my surprise when I started reading it and found out that it was only and article trying to stain Paramore’s name and image by cataloguing it as a group that is involved in brain washing schemes and evil ways. Knowing that the guys of Paramore are really open about their religious beliefs I was pretty sure this article was extremely misguided. As I kept reading it I noticed how the author took the simplest things and made a total analysis on how evil they were and how they represented the occult.

First of all, the guy is obsessed with the Illuminati. Who are the Illuminati? The Illuminati refers to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and work of the imagination. Supposedly the goals of the Illuminati are the control of world affairs acting behind the most powerful men in the world including our beloved president Barack Obama. Starting to see the nonsense in this? Also it is alleged that the Illuminati have a tight grip on the media using mind control on the young. Supposedly they control the media content and consequently send hidden messages on most of the mainstream music and videos. There is no concrete proof that these groups exist but still conspiracy groups seem to find hints in most of the mainstream media that say they’re alive and trying to control us by washing our brains.

Often it is mentioned that Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick” video deeply narrates what a victim of a so called “Monarch Programming“ goes through. Supposedly victims of this mind control program by torture are encouraged to create a twisted alternate reality in which they can fight the abuse. What the blogger forgets to mention is that he probably didn’t even try to investigate the musical group story. This video is considered by most of their fans as a representation of what the lead singer went through between the second and third album. The group started to have trouble working together and even got to think about dissolving it. The video narrates how a little girl loses  stops living in a fairytale world by burying it up and moving on to reality. But of course he decides to make everything fit into his conspiracy theory. And sadly it’s not only Paramore. Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, The Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna are some others that are accused of brain washing in their videos.

Personally I’m not trying to bash this blogger. He’s just stating his believes and I’m expressing mine, but, are these people the culprits of the constant paranoia we live in? Are they the culprits of all the discrimination towards the people that is different from them and actually like these types of music? I’ll leave these questions for you to answer.

♦ Yamil Ahmed ♦


10 Responses to “Just Vigilant or Simply Paranoid”

  1. Me gusta el diseño del blog y es interesante que esté en inglés, asi no pierdo el hábito, ya te preguntaré si alguna palabra no entiendo, jejeje Es interesante lo que comentas de Paramore y la conexion con Iluminati, me gustan los grupos que no hablan de temas ya tan usados y tipicos, las rarezas siempre llaman nuestra atencion.

    P.D muy wapete en la foto de la derecha, je

    • Que bueno que te haya gustado. Realmente Paramore siempre ha sido una de mis bandas favoritas pero su nuevo álbum es mucho mas significativo y maduro. Por eso tal vez si se intenta se puede encontrar simbolismos mas marcados que en sus otros álbumes. Pero siempre he dudado un poco de las teorías Illuminati. Las encuentro un poco exageradas. Anyway espero sigas visitando de vez en cuando. jajajaja Gracias por el cumplido! ^_^

      Yamil Ahmed

  2. Hi Yamil,
    I assume you are talking about Vigilant Citizen; I just happened across his website recently myself. Like many people who feel threatened by the onslaught of so much apparent change in the world, VC finds reassurance in the notion that there is a shadowy master-group guiding world affairs.

    Of course, individuals like this generally project their fears – and not their hopes – onto this idea of world-scale covert puppeteering. It is interesting that there are a number of very Christian references in the comments section I read (about the blog on Lady GaGa) – Christianity, or any religion, could *also* be seen as a covert power working through symbols to affect world change.

    My own life experience makes me quite dubious that any such large-scale cabal could even exist, let alone function with the degree of complexity that VC and others ascribe to the Illuminati, et al. If such conspiracy theorists really want to look for an “invisible hand” at work in world affairs, they’d get more traction with Adam Smith (http://plus.maths.org/issue14/features/smith/).

    • Hi Kerry!

      First of all, thanks for the comment! It’s nice to know that at least someone has read these posts. About what you are saying I completely agree with you. These kinds of bloggers project their fears through these kinds of conspiracy ideas. What’s worse is that they have a huge amount of followers that truly believe that what they’re saying is true. It really worries me because these kinds of people are the ones that oppose to any kind change just because of their fear. Which is kind off laughable when you think about it because they are suffering from mind control….Their own fear is controlling them.

      -Yamil Ahmed

  3. I will start out by saying that I do not live in fear, that I am intelligent, and that I happened to be a big fan of Paramore and used to be fans of jay z, beyonce, rhianna ect. I do not live in paranoia, rather I live with open eyes. I DO like modern music and am NOT opposed to the “changing” world we live in. The same symbols in lady gaga’s videos, jay-z, beyonce are used in freemasonry from hundreds of years ago, do you think that it is coincidence? The writer of Vigilant Citizen didn’t “make everything fit into his conspiracy theory” he pointed out the reference that video makes to symbols in history that are being used over and over again today, in modern music. He doesn’t need to know the history of the group, if he sees the same symbols are used in other videos with mind controlling and subliminal messages. She uses the same A Ok (freemason, masonic) hand gestures that lady gaga, beyonce, lil wayne ect use, it symbolizes their role in a group JUST AS a gang signs show people which gang their in. In simpler terms that is. The illuminati is a secret society that has been referenced to in history and the media for hundreds of years, but as a secret society should be, it still remains a secret in order to function.

    If anyone in the United States really believes that those in the White House are the only people who influence America’s biggest decisions, you’re sadly mistaken. “Supposedly the goals of the Illuminati are the control of world affairs acting behind the most powerful men in the world including our beloved president Barack Obama.” Why do you think Obama is behind the healthcare act? One reason: The new world order and the RFID, do you know what that is? Why do you think Obama deliberately BROKE rules of the constitution? He says he’s for “gun control” when he’s trying to take away our right to bear arms, and he is asking for a private army to be stationed IN THE US to help “protect and secure the transition into a unified healthcare system”. That goes against the CONSTITUTION, Ahmed.

    My fear, does not control me, it is my quest for the TRUTH that controls me. I hope that you will learn to see that our generation lives with a blindfold over their eyes, and once you see the history, the facts and the truth will you be able to see the lies and symbols that are on television, radio ect everyday. Conspiracy theorists aren’t to be dismissed as “crazy”, we are highly educated, intelligent people and even 41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans see the truth to our theories on this “New World Order”. So before you start to dismiss our ideas as crazy, or non-sense just because YOU like the artist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your own advice and do your research on the history/facts, that formed VC’s opinions.

    Obama for NWO:
    Obama for “Gun control” as Hitler was:
    Obama’s Private army:

    Patriots question 9/11:

    To those who seek the truth.. VIVA!

  4. Chrissy Says:

    I completely agree with Viva! I believe we should question the governments because they don’t tell us allot! They want control and we continue to give in like blind sheep. Have you noticed the cameras on every street corner, well if not you will very shortly. They say that is for our protection against terrorism. I think they just really want to watch us and control what we do and how we do it. They have crazy technology not yet released to the public that can be as small as a fly that can attach itself to your car and hear everything said in your vehicle. They want to reduce our world population by 75% to be able to control us easier. I believe it will be done by 2012 if we don’t wake up. If you want to be shocked look up (The Great Culling)!

  5. Thank you both for your comments! I appreciate that you took the time to reply to the posts. I respectfully disagree with both of you but by all means keep commenting.

    -Yamil Ahmed

  6. Though I am always open to new enlightenment.The illuminati conspiracy theories are way to far fetch.Some of the so called evidence is a bit of a stretch ie the peace sign that celebs tend to throw up.

  7. i think thay are fucked up to much money bored. money root to all evil. thay control everything and everybody.

  8. You know I would agree with you Mr. Ahmed if many people didn’t already believe in this illuminati stuff but I have seen the truth and heard it from Obama Gates and Rockerfeller and it’s not becoming so “far fetched” after all it’s actually reality.Another thing that shocked me was how one of my favorite artist Kanye West that used to be a gospel rapper when he first came out has been doing a whole lot of ‘weird’ stuff that has people talking then not to much latter he admits he “solded his soul to the devil,I knew it was a bad deal but at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal”? excuse me but wtf? but I am happy that eminem came to his sences and got out of the whole freemason thing but he will probably end up like michael and tupac shakur :/

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