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Dark Cloud (Working Title) – Prologue

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-Are you okay?- she asked him.

I think so – he said while looking at her. Stains of blood covered her body and clothes but he knew it wasn’t hers. He had just seen her eliminate three men with her sword, moving as gracefully as a gazelle, striking her enemies with the force of a lioness. They didn’t stand a chance against her.

-We have to move. There may be more nearby. – she said.

-Who are you? What did- he started to say but with a swift movement she was beside him. She dragged him to a corner, her body pressed against him, and covering his mouth with her hand. Just as he started to struggle he heard the voices.

-Where is he? He couldn’t have gotten that far? – said a hoarse voice.

-I don’t know, but he couldn’t have killed all of the others. Someone must be helping him. – responded a second male voice while others agreed to it. The boy could hear them moving closer and wondered if they would be able to hear the beats of his heart who was threatening to explode. At that moment the girl whispered something he couldn’t understand and a cold sensation struck his insides. He looked at her puzzled but she had closed her eyes with a concentrated look on her face. Then he saw them. About twenty men walking toward the place they were standing. They were too exposed. He wanted to run but her grip was getting tighter. Then it was too late.

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