Diet / Weight Loss Plan: Current Diet

As you all know it’s been 9 days since I started the much needed diet. So far I’ve lost 7.4 pounds!!! And it hasn’t even been that difficult. Here I’m gonna give a brief idea of what I consume daily.

First of all it is important to know how many calories you consume daily. One easy way that I found to track this is the website Calorie Count. In this website you enter the nutritional values of everything you eat and the website does a daily analysis on how effective is your diet. It is really important to remember that the minimum calorie intake for a male is 1,500 calories, and for a female is 1,300.

So what about the food? Here I’m gonna give a few examples of the products I’m currently using. Now I must say that I hate vegetables, fruits and pretty much all healthy food so I’v been trying some maybe healthy replacements that do not make me eat something I don’t like.


So for breakfast I’ve been replacing it with a Slim-Fast milkshake. It has a huge amount of nutrients and a low amount of calories. Also it leaves a very full sensation so it holds for a while.

Lunch and Dinners:

For these meals I’ve started using frozen meal products. They have a low amount of calories, a lot of proteins and they’re not bad at all. I’m gonna leave a few examples.


As I said earlier, I’m not such a fan of healthy food (my curse). So for snacks I mostly use the variety of 100 of variety packs of all kinds of cookies or snacks. Another alternative is a glass of Skim Milk. Examples below:

DISCLAIMER: Before starting a diet it is important to visit your doctor or nutritionist to consult the right plan for you.


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