Dead Democracy

Today as I watch the TV I come to the realization that our so called democracy is no longer existent. The voices of the people are being extinguished by the fascism of the current government administration. With excessive brutality our advances of negotiation are being destroyed. With sadness I watch as the government is determined to destroy the same people that chose them hoping for a change. A change for the better, not for the worse.


One Response to “Dead Democracy”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    This is just the beginning of a tragic end! My biggest fear is that the government will will ultimately get it’s complete control. We have technology that controls weather… What if they caused an event that started disease and famine. Wiped out the human population to a controllable amount. Had the remaining survivors collected and sent to camps where they would do what they will to us. It would be the end of all governments and religions. The world ran by one unjust government with their own agendas on mind with no concern for any non-member individual. I am afraid but expecting it!

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