HALLO NEW STALKERS!! (Just joking! Don’t leave!)

I guess introductions are in order. (Something I’m really not good at but I guess I’ll try my best and hopefully I won’t bore you to death…or sleep…whichever you prefer.)

My name is Yamil, I’m 20 years old, and as you already know I’m a college student at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus. I was majoring in Accounting but I guess as time passed I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do. What did I want to do?

I think I always knew that I should study English but I really wanted to believe I had chosen the best career for me. That is until a friend of mine, tired of hearing me whine about how unhappy I was all the time, kindly suggested (and by kindly I mean as rudely as only a really good friend would be allowed to be) that since I was such a “literature freak” and a “JK Rowling wannabe” I should consider studying English Literature. Truthfully, I was not surprised by hearing this. Maybe because English classes were the only ones I could actually look forward to, or maybe the simple fact that you never see Yamil anywhere without a book close by. Anyways, I’m planning to transfer to the English Department this semester so… I will officially become a chardonita! (As in Chardon… cause all our classes are there…nevermind… T_T )

What else can I say about me… Oh I know! 15 Random things about me:

1. Books…I adore books!!! Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, The Twilight Saga, The Inheritance Saga, etc…

2. I was homeschooled during part of high school.

3. I’m really bad with names…and faces…I just forget people quickly, unless I actually like them.

4. I ❤ TV Series! Dexter, Legend of the Seeker, Nikita, Supernatural, Smallville, 90210, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Kyle XY, Lost, One Tree Hill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena Warrior Princess and probably a ton more.

5. Videogames are constant cash outflow for me. Can’t live without them.

6. I love photography. Really want to buy a good camera. (Maybe I should use some of the money I waste on #5)

7. I’m crazy about gadgets.

8. I despise my hair. (Stupid curls!!!)

9. I like musical theater…and musicals in general.

10. I’ve never broken any bone in my body and have never had any stitches.

11. Laptops never last more than a year since I started college. I’m about to get my fourth one.

12. I really don’t like speaking in public… really… I don’t.

13. I wrote a Young Adults Fantasy Book and I dream with publishing it.

14. Cats are ideal for me. I have a chihuahua though. A really loud, annoying, hyperactive chihuahua that I can’t seem to get rid off because he’s cute.

15. I’m terrified of thunderstorms. As in freak out and go sit in a corner bawling like a baby…

And that’s probably it for now cause I’m pretty sure you didn’t really read all that. (Kudos to you if you did!) All comments on my posts will be appreciated so feel free to comment on anything. Okay…. CIAO! AUF WIEDERSEHEN! LEBEWOHL! 再见! ADIOS! SELAMAT TINGGAL! GOODBYE!

P.S. If you have been in this blog before and you’re wondering why I’m introducing myself again it is because I’m gonna start to use this blog for my Expository Writing English class. =)


16 Responses to “HELLO EVERYONE!!!”

  1. Ooooooh! This was coool! I like it very much and I also get scared at thunderstorms, haha! I luv dogs and I preffer them over cats, but I love tigers. Gotta love Twilight, and man, do publish ;), I know ure good, take cares, see ya! 🙂


    Never been called a “stalker” b4…altho, i did have one, a few years ago.

    • Well there’s always a first time huh? lol Just joking! 😉
      But you really had a stalker? That must be seriously creepy!

    • Oh my! Who does that? That’s so messed up! But it’s over now, right? I’ll surely be reading that post.

      P.S. Nice blog by the way!


        My stalker was a former bf…I filed a restraining order with the Police, and he backed-off.

        Thanx 4 the comment, about my blog. 🙂

  3. I have to say that I didn’t get bored. I laughed at every single line. Home schooling sounds funny and the fact that you haven’t broken any bone. Nice piece! I truly enjoy it!

  4. Hi Yamil!
    First I have to say, you have a very interesting blog! I could also tell you love writing, thats very nice. I noticed you liked True Blood, and I can say that it is also my favorite t.v. series.

  5. Hey Yamil
    I have to say great work on your blog. I use to have that same problem(#5) until I got to college, now I don’t even have time to sleep. I see you like Smallville and Lost, two great series.

    • Thanks!
      Me too! I have a few games that I bought last year and I still have not been able to play them almost at all.
      And yes. Been watching Smallville since the first season and I’m seriously pumped for tomorrow’s season premiere. The last season premiere. (I’m gonna miss this show so much.)

  6. Hello Yamil, I love your blog. Do not worry that you think you do not like to speak in public, because really, you are doing great with your blog communicating with us. I love that white cat with that surprise face. I also have a chihuahua too. Her name is Ina and she looks like a hamster because, she is so small. She has marble, bulging eyes. Her sister is a Yorkshire terrier named Cai. She thinks she is a kangaroo, always hopping.
    May be if you get a brother to your doggy, he will not be so stressed and jumpy. They are pack animals and need company.

    • Thank You! I just feel more comfortable expressing my thoughta in writing but I’m trying to improve my public speaking skills too. About the dog, I guess he does get lonely but I’m barely able to take care of him as it is so another one is probably out of the question. Might get a cat though. They’re way easier to take care of.

  7. Hey I saw you in Goodreads and saw your blog list and I checked it out. Dude I had the same situation as you. I began at Chemical Engineering but I love ENglish more than anything and I ended up transferring. I’m at my last year and am a writer too! I really want to be published. I’m also a book enthusiast and love video games as well. lol i feel as if I have found a twin in some aspects. BTW I’m thinking along with a friends to start a writing group at campu. I’m working on that to get permissions at the English Department so let me know through Goodreads what do u think :). I added you on Goodreads. Take care 😛

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