Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Is Sexual Orientation Important When It Comes to Serving the Country?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is the common term for a policy that restricts openly gay, lesbian or bisexual citizens of the United States to serve in the army. Since passed by the Congress on 1993, 14,000 soldiers have been discharged. For the last couple of months the controversy surrounding this policy has become more public as leaders and public figures advocate for the repeal of this policy that they consider unconstitutional.

What we must consider here is, why is sexual orientation so important when it comes to serving the country? Are heterosexual soldiers more capable than homosexual soldiers? The law was supposedly established to protect the high moral standards of the military because homosexual acts could disrupt the good order and discipline. Clearly it is not a matter of capability. It is a matter of homophobia and discrimination. What makes it worse is that this discrimination is not necessarily the views of the majority of the citizens. A poll by ABC/NEWS reveals that 75% of the people say that gays that admit their homosexuality openly should be allowed to serve. If this is the case, why the politicians keep blocking the repeal of this law?

There are also economic consequences to this policy.  It has been proven that, during the ten years since this policy has been established, an approximated $363 million have been used to cost it. $363 million that could be forwarded to other areas of need are being wasted on a discriminatory law that only serves to keep soldiers away from their duty.

In my opinion “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be repealed immediately. We should not keep capable soldiers from serving the country just for their sexual orientation. Doing that makes as much sense as keeping women and black people away from the military. They are all equally putting their lives at risk for the United States so they should be given equal rights.

What do you guys think about this issue? Leave me your comments below and know that I will be respectful to any opinion that differs from mine so don’t hesitate to comment.


One Response to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Is Sexual Orientation Important When It Comes to Serving the Country?”

  1. I had never heard about this issue before but now that I know about it I understand that it should be adressed I agree with your point of view Yamil it is hurtful to see how gay and lesbian individuals give their lives for a country that doesn’t think they deserve to be there in the first place it is definitely something to think about…

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