..::Sunday Madness!!!!::..

It’s Sunday!!! Yaaaaaay….Wait….There’s classes tomorrow…

Anyways, as I try to study for my Math class, work on an essay and do some reading my mom comes and tells me that I need to take care of my nephews that are staying home today while she goes take care of some problems. Needless to say I was not amused.

As if that wasn’t enough my computer decided to give up on me so I practically lost an 800 words essay…

And, to end this crazy post, I received some really rude comments on my Don’t Ask Don’t Tell post that I didn’t care to approve since they had nothing to do with the post. (Not from students from the class.)


2 Responses to “..::Sunday Madness!!!!::..”

  1. I am very sorry that you had a tough weekend. I hope everything goes better this week for you. At the same time, I wonder what did the rude people told you. You Know what? That is not important. The important thing is that you are strong enough to withstand that rudeness without harming or making you feel distraught you. Rude people is not worth it. God Bless.

    • Thanks! It was really just people that don’t have anything else to do but talk nonsense on the internet or “trolls” as we call them on the web. I really don’t care about their opinions. You can disagree with me without attacking me personally. Anyways, as the kitty says, Haters Gonna Hate. =)

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