.::Music Monday::.

So I almost didn’t do this post but I guess it’s better late than never. I decided to leave you three songs I’ve been listening a lot this past week. Hope you like them!

Up and Gone – Hoobastank

Ignorance – Paramore

Buried Alive – Avenged Sevenfold


One Response to “.::Music Monday::.”

  1. Well Jamal, I heard your video “Up and Gone – Hoobastank” and I hope you do not feel in the same way they express in this song. You do not have to lose to inner child in order to become an adult. That inner child is the one that propels us froward through our life and keeps us in line. You can become a wonderful adult and at the same time, inside your have the happiness of being a child and transmit that to others. I sincerely hope I am not boring you. Growing up is not easy, tell me, I am still growing up to become a better me after forty something year. Growing up never ends. It is the attitude toward that experience the one that will make you happy or not. I think you are a fine and intelligent young man. Keep it up!!! Ups and downs are normal. Just keep the head above the water!!! Rocío.

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