..::YouTube Singers::..

After all these serious, kinda depressing posts this last few weeks I wanted to post some music to cheer up the blog a bit. Since I already have Music Monday (which I totally forgot doing this week…I know) I decided to share with you some mildly unknown YouTube singers.

As many of you already know YouTube has caught the attention of aspiring artists because they can showcase their talents and maybe even get discovered by sharing their videos. One example is Greyson Chance, the 12-year-old kid that after posting his video singing Paparazzi gained worldwide recognition and landed a contract with Ellen Degeneres’ new record company.

After the jump I’ll post a few more artists whose covers and originals songs have made me hit the yellow subscribe button on YouTube.


First is Sam Tsui. The first time I heard the Lady Gaga Medley I went crazy. This dude has some crazy pipes.



I discovered these guys about last year. They are from different parts of the world and used the internet to form a band called The Shures. In this video they sing the song Bulletproof (of the duo La Roux) accompanied by the equally talented Shan Malaika.



Next I  have a little Broadway. Anyone that knows me should know I’m a huge fan of musicals and one of my favorites is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This girl just has the perfect voice for Mrs. Lovett. This is her singing one of my favorite songs of the musical.



And last but not least here is Terra Naomi. She is already a recording artist but I started to listen to her music when she was still just another YouTube singer. Here is her first single Say It’s Possible. (Beautiful song.)


Well guys, I really hope you liked this post. If you did leave a comment below and also don’t forget to visit the pages of these amazing artists and subscribe to their YouTube videos.


3 Responses to “..::YouTube Singers::..”

  1. Hi, Jamil. I read that you have music on Monday. I wonder if you take a music class, or you play some instrument, or if you belong to a band as singer or as player of some instrument. I wonder because, I studied music in a conservatory of music in Spain when I was as young as all of you are.
    I joined the concert chorus of Colegio until last semester. I had to stop singing do to a nodule in my vocal cords cause because I forced my voice in several occasions, not singing, but calling someone to loud. Anyway, let me know, please. I would like to know if may be you would like to be part of the choruses of banda y orquesta, etc.

    • Not really. I used to sing in a chorus when I was a kid but when my voice changed it wasn’t that pretty anymore. lol I just have a deep appreciation of music. I believe in the power of music and how there is always a song you can relate to no matter the situation. I always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never had the oportunity and once I was in college I didn’t had the time anymore. =)
      Sorry to hear about your vocal cords.

  2. This is nice. There are a lot of things you can search in youtube but I never thought about this. It is interesting that you find singers and not funny stuff like I always do. I will try my own… search for something new.

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