Homosexuality and Society: What Would You Do?

Yesterday I was on a social networking site and I stumbled upon some very interesting videos created by ABC News in which random people were confronted with a situation that may put them out of their comfort zone. The main question was: “What Would You Do?”. Just the concept of the news segment caught my attention instantly. After watching it I saw how much it related to the topic of gay bullying and intolerance we were discussing these past few weeks so I decided to share the videos with you guys.

In this first video a couple of gay actors are placed at a sports bar in which they display the signs of affection every young couple would in their situation. Apparently it is not taken that well by some of the bar clients…

For me it was very interesting to see how the young man at the last few scenes of the video at first expressed to be disgusted of the situation but, when confronted by the camera, decided to change his opinion. As one of the commentators says sometimes it would seem people go with what is on the usual accepted “moral values” even if they don’t agree with it.

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In this second video a lesbian couple and later a couple of gays, parents of two kids are denied food by a waiter, who is an actor of the news channel, because he disapproves of them being parents. We wait to see the reaction of other costumers of the dinner when they see the situation. Will they confront the waiter, or will they act just as disgusted?

I was bewildered at the sudden change of heart of the first man. First he doesn’t agree and is clearly bothered but once he sees the cameras he accepts it and says he was not bothered at all? See the patern there? In the first video the young man did the same thing.  Its just so hypocritical. I was also upset at the lack of action of the people at the other tables over such bigotry obviously with the exception of the last two couples who had the decency of intervening in such a unjust situation.

In the third video we are introduced to a straight couple in a restaurant engaging in an intense make out session. They are even applauded for their public display of affection. What would happen if it were a couple of gay guys? Or maybe a couple of lesbians? Would they be equally accepted?

…Do I even need to say anything? A person would call 911, using resources that could be directed to another emergency, just because of their intolerance… Really shows the kind of discrimination gays are up against. As always there are persons that are kind and accepting. It shows how different and how better it would be if the society would just get rid of their judgements and accept persons as they are.

This videos definitely concern me because even though most of the people don’t engage into the gay bullying, they also do nothing to stop it. How different are you from those commiting bullying if you just stand there and watch? Aren’t you approving this kind discrimination with your silence?

Thankfully there are people that are willing to stand up over the bigotry of others and try to make this society a more accepting. Hopefully one day more people will be more vocal over this issue.


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