…:::Labyrinth of Life:::…

There are times when we question our own existence. Every move that we make is no longer solid. We run through the shadows of an endless labyrinth of decisions. The fog of doubt clouding our senses, letting the fear take a hold of us. Every turn we take and every choice that we make wavers under the pressure of unspoken expectations. In our darkest hour when we are no longer sure of what is the right direction, and we are in danger of getting lost, we look without rest for that single ray of light to give us hope and show us the way to success. But sometimes what we don’t realize is that we must allow the light to reach us. If we keep wandering without ever making a turn and following it through, we will be stuck forever in the same place in this labyrinth of decisions called life.

© 2010 Yamil Sárraga


2 Responses to “…:::Labyrinth of Life:::…”

  1. All of this is normal. It is called to reach adulthood. Just make sure, the expectations are yours, no one else’s expectations. The mistakes that comes with some decisions are just ways of learning and that with each decision comes a responsibility, because every word we say and every act we make can affect people around you in a positive or negative way, either if you want it or not. We are all link and each person is a knot in a net. If a knot vibrates, the rest of the net does too. Make it a good vibration.

  2. Trystam Cylderram Says:

    I am the master of indesiciveness. Someone once asked me what goes through my head bcuz it seems i know not what I’m doing. I call it believing. many say seeing is believing but for me, how will u ever see results or the best of u if u don’t believe? “You’ll won’t see it until you believe it.” a quote from Wayne D. It has becomed my personal motto. You have the strenght for anything. You are strong willed :). Expectations are nothing. I once got rid of them. So go on, always keep moving forward, each step full of willpower :D. 😉

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