..::Top 10 Movies of 2010 – Part 1::..

2010 is over and by now we have enjoyed some great movies in theaters during the past year. Still, the question still stands. Which were the top 10 movies of 2010? Click more and also check back tomorrow to see which were my favorite movies of this year and which are the ones I’m really looking forward to in 2011.

10. Kick-Ass

This film adaptation based on the comic of the same name will leave you pumped for hours after you watch it. Think Kill Bill meets Spiderman and you will have the explosion of awesomeness that is this movie. Young Chloe Moretz steals the show in most of her scenes as the extremely volatile and violent superhero called Hit-Girl and Aaron Johnson does not stay behind delivering a quite convincing turn from the bumbling student to the reckless powerless hero Kick-Ass.




9. How To Train Your Dragon

Charming story, beautiful animation, well done voice-work and countless laughs make this a runner-up on best animation film of the year. I recommend everyone to see it with their families.








8. Easy A

Emma Stone delivers one of the most hilarious performances of this year in this teenage comedy film. A high school girls falls to the trap of gossiping and this eventually leads her to become Easy A, the girl that will do it with anyone for a prize. That is until the web of lies is too big, even for her.







7. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Another graphic novel adaptation that is probably the dream of every nerd in the universe (me included). To the beat of old school video game music, Scott Pilgrim must fight and defeat his girlfriend’s seven evil exes. Over the top fights and effects make this a masterpiece for nerds and an easily overlooked film for everyone else.







6. Tangled

Disney’s new take on Rapunzel’s fairytale is not without charm. Everything on the movie works on every level and I specially loved the fact that Disney changed the story a bit. They could have easily made a story about Rapunzel and the Prince but making the Prince a thief certainly added a lot to the story. Pascal shall forever be my favorite Disney animal…after Simba…and Timon….and Pumba….oh nevermind…






Tomorrow I’ll reveal which were the Top 5 Movies of 2010. (At least in my opinion)


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