..::Top 10 Movies of 2010 – Part 2::..

A few days ago I published a post with what were some of my favorite movies of 2010. From place 10-6 to be specific. Today I will say which were my favorite 5 movies of 2010. What movie takes the top place? Click on more to find out!

5. The Social Network

Who knew the story of the creation of Facebook and the fight for the credit could become such a great movie? I didn’t. When I first went to see this movie I was expecting to fall asleep. There was not a single movie I was interested in so I chose to see this one out of boredom. Surprisingly a brilliant screenplay, believable actors and one hell of a director makes this one of the must-see movies of this year.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I have to admit I’m biased towards this movie. Why? I have been a fan of the Harry Potter Saga (books & movies) for close to 11 years now. Still I believe this movie deserves to be in one of the top ten of this year. In this the first part of the conclusion of the movie saga. Harry, Ron and Hermione pack their bags in the search of the horcruxes, parts of Voldemort soul that as long as are not destroyed make him immortal. That said the movie has quite a change of pace from previous entries simply because there is no Hogwarts. Still this is basically the best adaptation of all the entries and the cinematography is spectacular.

3. Toy Story 3

If in a movie I can cry due to the pending demise of plastic toys  it deserves to be on my top 5. These Toy Story movies were a huge part of my childhood and this was the perfect conclusion. A new beginning for the toys, a closed chapters for us adults.

2. Black Swan

The first place was heavily battled. In the end I decided to give Black Swan the second place not for being any less of a great movie, but because I’m still trying to figure out what happened. Maybe once I do that I’ll call it the best movie ever but in the meantime here it is. This movie defines what the thriller genre should be. Great story, marvelous acting, brilliant cinematography….simply a masterpiece. I will not talk much about the plot because this simply needs to be seen.

1. Inception

My first place goes to Inception. This movie has become probably one of my favorite of the decade. This movie is sci-fi perfection. The  act of questioning reality is a theme heavily explored but never to the extent this movie does. I will not explain the plot cause I fear ruining the experience of exploring this masterpiece of a movie. Christopher Nolan is a genius filmmaker. Enough said! =)


One Response to “..::Top 10 Movies of 2010 – Part 2::..”

  1. Trystam Cylderram Says:

    Uff hard to give Place #1….I wouldnt have been able to give them a place. I haven’t seen Black Swan but I’ve been told about it. Nevertheless, Inception is the Avatar of this year (I dislike Avatar lol) but it is a film i Loved! I cried for TS3 like an idiot! lol

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