Cold air struck the night
pushing feelings to the edge,
expectations held so high
and a hope that would not age.

Endless waves, countless dreams,
brought realization to my heart,
for no longer in your arms
of your life I could be part.

Not for lack of love for you
will I leave your embrace,
but for fear of bringing through
my fears and all my pain.

Unrequited is the word
that will mark the coming end,
of a stage of broken hearts
and a love that grew in chains.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga

I wrote this one a long time ago and since I’ve been neglecting my blogger duties I decided to share it with all of you. All comments will be appreciated. 😉



6 Responses to “~*~Unrequited~*~”

  1. WOW! Twin! Truly beautiful! Unrequited love is hard, you’ve captured the essence and the pain behind it!

  2. You two couldn’t have said it any better 🙂

  3. Trystam Cylderram Says:

    I forgot to do it with my account lol I thought I was logged in! Strong poem with defined emotions such as feeling preasure and the word “chains” weaves magically into it, giving the sensation of oppression :P. The meter in this poem runs smoothly. It is mostly Trochee Tetrameter with a few spondees here and there (i think lol…I’m not that good on that stuff), breaking away the sing song melody and adding a variety of rhythms. I am not so sure about the comma at the third stanza after “lack”… bleh I’m just trying to do a review thingy lol. ANyways personally I loved it. I know the feeling.

    • If you’re not good I must suck at it because I have no idea what Trochees and Spondees are. lol I guess I just listen and try to give it a good rhythm. 🙂

      • Trystam Cylderram Says:

        Yeah that’s what i do when I write. If I managed to to write keeping those things in mind I would fail lol.

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