Silver gleam of a river stream
That carries the memories of multiple lives,
Oh! So tragic they were,
Pity is what they only deserve.
Cold shadows lurk around
Devouring the light that barely survives,
Hanging to threads of a lost love,
Of hope, happiness and kindness forgotten.
A drowning scream, an endless nightmare
Gruesome killers, vampires of souls,
On way to their judgement, the final call
Their pleas to be heard or sent to oblivion.
The Styx runs deep of mortal sins filled
The carrier rows the vessel of doom,
Price of the trip, a golden coin.
On the path to Pluto, life’s last journey.
The final destination, a fiery torture.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga


4 Responses to “..::Styx::..”

  1. I love it because it makes mythological references and with the picture I can make a scene in my mind.

    • Hi Rocio! It’s so nice to hear from you again!
      I wanted to try a different theme for once and luckily enough I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hope everything is going well for you! =)

      • Hi Yamil! Thank you! I am working hard as usual and trying to help my kids. I hope you are doing ok this semester too!

  2. Trystam Cylderram Says:

    Greek mythology! I can get the feeling of the atmosphere to be heavily charged with death. I wonder what else has the carrier or the vessel to say 😉

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