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In a night of sorrow I plunge into a sea of broken wishes in the search of one that is worth rescuing. Lost in time, my only hope becomes a glimpse of a possible future yet, it is so dim that the possibilities of getting lost on my way become almost a certainty. Under a mask of stone I hide away my pain as I move into the unknown in a river stream of blood and tears.


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Once again I allow my mind to create alternate worlds, worlds in which everything that is wrong does not exist. I put my hopes in those realities in an sad attempt to make sense of everything that surrounds me, for the world that I live in no longer feels like home. I feel like an alien in a strange land, a land that seems consumed with the wish of my destruction. I may sound conceited but this is what feels true for me. That is the reason why I escape; for those magic worlds in my head are a hundred times more safer than reality.

This is a small excerpt of one of my many new projects that I’m currently working in. I’ve been trying to write a little more now that I am on vacations. Hopefully I’ll be updating this blog more frequently.

..::Reflection on a Portrait::..

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One last time I stood in front of you expectant. Times before I had been in the same situation, and this one was not different, for the unrelenting fire in me still burned as fiery as the first day. My feelings for you, indestructible to the test of time, moved my soul in the rhythm of a song still unwritten. I became a part of you, the same way that you became my existence. Still I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened, if you still felt the same way. Doubts clouded my mind and as a quivering animal I looked at your image, getting lost in your eyes, closely inspecting every corner of your face amazed at it’s perfection. I moved closer and one last time I kissed you. Cold was all that met my lips as the glass made contact, for a photograph was the only thing I had left of you. For one last time I stood in front of you, only to say farewell.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga

P.S. Found this I wrote a long time ago on an old hard drive and decided to post it. Hope everyone likes it!