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~*~ Meadow ~*~

Posted in poetry with tags , , , on May 12, 2012 by Yamil

Go forth!
You marvelous creature,
Go forth!

You who observe the world in a cloud of passiveness,
counting the seconds till your wings start to fall.

Go forth!

For your wings shall float in an endless current of wind,
transporting your triumphing beauty along the grassy meadow.

Go forth!
My lovely butterfly,
Go forth!

For in your flight you shall find satisfaction;
and when it ends you shall find peace.

Go forth!

For in the very last moment when your wings find themselves withered,
they shall continue to float along the fallen leaves.

Go forth!
My beautiful love,
Go forth…

Found this little one on my door. 🙂

© 2012 Yamil Sárraga

..::Just Maybe::..

Posted in poetry with tags , on July 22, 2011 by Yamil

Is it that I kid myself into thinking that life is fair,
that I’ll get what I want or what I judge I deserve?
For often I find myself holding a grudge,
against money, power, love and success;
against things that makes others lives so easy
while mine seems like an endless battlefield.

Maybe that’s why I don’t deserve it.
Because I want it too much,
or just maybe,
not hard enough…

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga

..::Reflection on a Portrait::..

Posted in poetry with tags , on June 14, 2011 by Yamil

One last time I stood in front of you expectant. Times before I had been in the same situation, and this one was not different, for the unrelenting fire in me still burned as fiery as the first day. My feelings for you, indestructible to the test of time, moved my soul in the rhythm of a song still unwritten. I became a part of you, the same way that you became my existence. Still I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened, if you still felt the same way. Doubts clouded my mind and as a quivering animal I looked at your image, getting lost in your eyes, closely inspecting every corner of your face amazed at it’s perfection. I moved closer and one last time I kissed you. Cold was all that met my lips as the glass made contact, for a photograph was the only thing I had left of you. For one last time I stood in front of you, only to say farewell.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga

P.S. Found this I wrote a long time ago on an old hard drive and decided to post it. Hope everyone likes it!

~*~White Rose~*~

Posted in poetry, Rant on April 23, 2011 by Yamil
A single white rose lays upon the wooden table,

unaware of the surroundings,

her beauty raining down upon the room

as a trace of a dying hope in the black void of life.

The soft petals, fabric of the dreams.

The thorns on the stem, blades of pain.

It just lays there,

mute witness of a life broken,

forgotten promises and faded goals.

The white rose withers silently,

her beauty escaping with a muted cry.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga


Posted in poetry, Rant on February 25, 2011 by Yamil

Silver gleam of a river stream
That carries the memories of multiple lives,
Oh! So tragic they were,
Pity is what they only deserve.
Cold shadows lurk around
Devouring the light that barely survives,
Hanging to threads of a lost love,
Of hope, happiness and kindness forgotten.
A drowning scream, an endless nightmare
Gruesome killers, vampires of souls,
On way to their judgement, the final call
Their pleas to be heard or sent to oblivion.
The Styx runs deep of mortal sins filled
The carrier rows the vessel of doom,
Price of the trip, a golden coin.
On the path to Pluto, life’s last journey.
The final destination, a fiery torture.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga


Posted in poetry with tags , , on February 18, 2011 by Yamil

Cold air struck the night
pushing feelings to the edge,
expectations held so high
and a hope that would not age.

Endless waves, countless dreams,
brought realization to my heart,
for no longer in your arms
of your life I could be part.

Not for lack of love for you
will I leave your embrace,
but for fear of bringing through
my fears and all my pain.

Unrequited is the word
that will mark the coming end,
of a stage of broken hearts
and a love that grew in chains.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga

I wrote this one a long time ago and since I’ve been neglecting my blogger duties I decided to share it with all of you. All comments will be appreciated. 😉


…:::New Age:::…

Posted in poetry, Uncategorized on January 27, 2011 by Yamil

Morning sun bathed my skin
as birds their melodies sang,
to them I feel akin
and their happiness I could outrang.

For the world has given me
a treasure for most unknown.
Our love, celestial glee,
even kingdoms has outgrown.

Pushed aside are my worries,
I welcome the new enchantment
of a life with new stories
full of joyful excitement.

In the dawn of this new beginning
I look down in my core,
for the strength to lead again
and my fears to leave ignored.

© 2011 Yamil Sárraga