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This is a story I wrote a while ago. I hope that you all like it and I hope you missed my posts as well.


In the middle of a summer afternoon I walk down the road towards the small wooden house we used to live in, which now seems to have lost the battle against time; the forest that used to surround our home now threatens to swallow it. Streams of melancholy run through my veins as I get closer, climbing steps that have not been stepped on in years. I stand on the porch for a minute, half expecting to hear your voice call my name as the chimes that hang on the balcony dance to the wind. I am aware of the familiar warmth that radiates from everything in the place as soon as I cross the wooden threshold.

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In a night of sorrow I plunge into a sea of broken wishes in the search of one that is worth rescuing. Lost in time, my only hope becomes a glimpse of a possible future yet, it is so dim that the possibilities of getting lost on my way become almost a certainty. Under a mask of stone I hide away my pain as I move into the unknown in a river stream of blood and tears.


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Once again I allow my mind to create alternate worlds, worlds in which everything that is wrong does not exist. I put my hopes in those realities in an sad attempt to make sense of everything that surrounds me, for the world that I live in no longer feels like home. I feel like an alien in a strange land, a land that seems consumed with the wish of my destruction. I may sound conceited but this is what feels true for me. That is the reason why I escape; for those magic worlds in my head are a hundred times more safer than reality.

This is a small excerpt of one of my many new projects that I’m currently working in. I’ve been trying to write a little more now that I am on vacations. Hopefully I’ll be updating this blog more frequently.